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Tulip Applique Needles # 10 Big Eye

Tulip Hiroshima Appliqué needles feature a very fine needle body and sharp point. They are the same thickness as the Milliners style, but shorter - making them ideal for needle-turn appliqué. They are an excellent choice for EPP also. Sizes change in length only. These work beautifully with the Aurifil 80wt thread to achieve tiny, invisible stitches. The Big Eye style features a long, oval shaped eye for easier threading and is the most popular with customers. Needles are made of steel, and feature the unique 'Superior Polished Finish'. 


Tulip Hiroshima hand sewing needles are of the finest quality, made to exacting standards which include more than 30 different manufacturing processes to ensure each needle is safe and finished to supreme excellence. Tulip produce high-quality needles by blending traditional techniques passed down from generations with cutting-edge technologies. Needles feature a strong and smooth polished body made of steel which glide through fabrics easily, with a beautifully made needle eye that prevents snagging and facilitates easier threading.

Package contains; (x6) Applique Needles #10 Big Eye / 0.46mm x 33mm (3.3cm long)

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