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Retreat News 10/7/2020

Ladies, we are READY to see you at our Retreat!
The location is Emmanuel Church in Langdon.
We will be ready for you at 10:00am on Friday, 10/9/2020 (come when you can). We want to be going home by 11:00-12:00 Friday night. Saturday we will restart at 8:00am, and be DONE by 10:00pm!

Here are some things you need to know:
1.  Bring your sewing machine and any other supplies you need. We will have some drop cords but it is a good idea to bring your own as well.
2. We will not have a community cutting or ironing station this year. Bring your own. We are asking that not everyone bring a full size iron (you know fuses and such), so maybe get with your friends at your "pod" and share or bring travel size iron. Each "pod" will have 1 extra table for their cutting, and enough room to set up an ironing board. 
3. You can bring a comfy chair if you wish. You might want to bring an extra light. 
4. Lunch Friday is NOT provided. 
5. We are NOT having a "shared snack table". You are welcome to bring your own snacks and share with your "pod". 
6. We will have the Keurig set up (please bring your own cup and pods). 
7. We will be giving you a goodie bag on arrival. It will have a small bottle of hand sanitizer and a paper style surgical mask- we aren't requiring masks- but in case you decide you want to wear it- that's okay too! Plus other goodies!
8. We will give away prizes!
9. We have catered the most part of the meals we are serving: Friday Supper- pizza from Country Inn, veggie tray, and brownies; Saturday lunch- bagged lunch by the bakery (croissant sandwich, chips, cookie); Saturday supper- pasta from Sporty's with salad and garlic twists with chocolate lava cake and ice cream for dessert
10. We will have you assigned to a seating "pod" of 3 to 4 people and that's who you will eat meals with as well.
11. Sorry, no massage this year....we are trying to limit numbers of people we are in contact with per ND Smart Restart guidelines. 
12. We ask that if you are ILL, please let us know and do not come. I will refund you with a "store credit". 
13. Also, the shop has changed hours for Fall/Winter. Friday it will be OPEN 10am-3pm. Saturday it will be OPEN 10am-2pm. We will have a Friday night "shop run" after supper- we will open up for an hour or so for just retreaters to come shop.
14. Our "demos" will be short and sweet- mostly product demos this year!
15. We will clean the bathrooms and any other "commonly touched" surfaces several times during the event for your protection as well. 

I hope this addresses EVERYTHING you NEED to know for the Retreat! If you have questions or concerns, please call or email us! 

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