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Sew On & Sew North Changes

Sew On & Sew North Important information
March 24, 2020

We would like to think that we are your happy place in these difficult times. We also want you, our dear customers, to know we are trying to keep you safe & healthy. Sewing is a GREAT thing to keep us occupied at home. I want to continue to be here and safely support your sewing efforts!

We are changing our OPEN policy effective Thursday, March 26, 2020. Starting that date my doors will be LOCKED and we are effectively closed to in-store shopping, but I will be in the shop from 10am-1pm Monday-Saturday.

You CAN call me and place an order, we can video chat via Facebook messenger, or you can shop my website.
Whether you shop online or by phone, you have choices for getting your items: FREE Curbside Pick-up, FREE local delivery, or have items shipped. Priority Shipping is $5.99 FLAT rate or Economy shipping is FREE.
We can even make the curbside pick up or local delivery "contactless" if you wish.

Here is the link to our website:
Sew On & Sew North

We are cancelling any in person classes or events for March & most of April. This may change  I am hoping to set up a ZOOM event for anyone who wants, or maybe just FB live for our Subscription Clubs. I will also mail your pattern, threads, etc if you wish for April! If you are part of these clubs or events I will be emailing you individually soon. Here is the link for our online calendar:
Sew On & Sew North Calendar

By now you have undoubtably seen information online about sewing masks for healthcare workers.
There is SO MUCH misinformation online about the crisis and sewn masks specifically that it's hard to know who to believe or trust. Be aware that something you find online might NOT be what is best for your community at this time.  
I know that you want to *do* something to help in this crisis and that it's coming from a good place. We all feel the same sense of powerlessness and we just want to help.

The best thing to do right now

Reach out to your local representatives to put pressure on the government to provide medical-grade equipment to our healthcare workers. 

Click here to find your local representatives and how to reach them.

The most important thing NOT to do

If you are in a highly affected area , do NOT call all your local hospitals' switchboards asking them if they want masks. They are already swamped and are being distracted by well-meaning people calling offering to sew masks. There are groups and specific drives already organized and you can hop into one of those efforts directly (more on that below).

Regarding the efficacy of sewn masks

This probably is obvious, but sewn masks are not as effective as medical-grade masks like the N95 masks which stop 97% of virus-sized particles (the ones we need to demand our government provide).

But sewn masks ARE STILL HELPFUL when a medical-grade mask is not available. Here is a link to an in-depth breakdown of different types of masks and their effectiveness.

From the link: Data shows that DIY masks made with a single layer of cotton clothing or a tea towel can remove around 50-60% of virus-sized particles. This means they perform worse than surgical masks and N95 masks. Wearing the homemade masks for 3 hours had no significant effect on the filtration efficiency.

The best fabric to use

From the same resource, "Test data shows that the best choices for DIY masks are cotton t-shirts, pillowcases, or other cotton materials." (source)

Sew a mask for yourself

If you do not have a higher-grade mask, you should sew a mask for yourself to use when you go out of your home. Its added protection isn't as good as a medical mask, but it's still better than no protection at all. I encourage you to change and wash your masks frequently if they are for your personal use. 

But be mindful to still take all the other distancing precautions -- wearing a mask does NOT replace measures such as staying 6 feet away from others.

Which mask to make

You do not need elastic to make a mask. In fact, the elastic part breaks down faster than the fabric part, so a mask made with cotton ties will last longer through multiple washings than one made with cotton.

Gotham Quilts has put together a super-simple pattern for a mask with ties.
This is a great pattern. I am currently out of 1/4 inch elastic and so are my suppliers. We do have "cording" elastic in both black & white if you need that. As a former nurse, I think the tie style masks would be a great option!

I have been in contact with our local hospital's crisis team and they currently do NOT need masks. If and when they do they will notify me and I will pass on the information. They may request a certain style of mask so it's best to wait to see what they want before using all your supplies up.
Osnabrock Living Center will accept the masks either the elastic style or the tie on like the pattern link above. I think you can get them to me and I will send them to Brittanie, or you can mail them directly to the care center.
I have not been in touch with Maple Manor.

Watch our Facebook page for current up to date information on everything! Link to our FB page:
Sew On & Sew North facebook page
We are on Instagram too, find us there by searching @sewonsewnorth

Sew Stay Safe!


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